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Lamps4All background

The many dark hours up here in the North has created a need for 'good light'. By appealing design and good functional lighting is Brylle/Jacobsen loyal to the Scandinavian design tradition, and this at very reasonable prices which is not customary for good design.


We collaborate with one of this world's most successful designer teams in Scandinavian design lamps, Brylle/Jacobsen (

Our large production of lamps allows us to offer to sell the lamps directly to consumers in EU/UK at the same low prices as the world's largest furniture stores.

For nearly 50 years, the design duo Brylle / Jacobsen has designed several of the most popular Danish design lamps, 10 million lamps have been sold through leading furniture stores worldwide.

You can read more about Brylle / Jacobsen here (opens in new window / tab): more about Brylle / Jacobsen .

bottom of the page you will find an article from 1965 where Brylle / Jacobsen design duo "invented" self-assembly lights. click here .


We offer free delivery to all EU/UK. Order your favorite lamp and we will send free of charge with DHL.

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